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NHD Foundational Training Programme

The NHD Foundational Training Programme is the key to understanding how to get bio-feed back from your own body about what it needs you to do to restore your health.  The astounding truth is that your 'super computer', i.e. that part of your being that keeps everything running, already knows what is wrong with you and how to fix it.  NHD provides the link you need to access this information in a profoundly simple and effective way.  With NHD you can start to take back that which was lost through stress and difficult life experiences and start on the road to vibrant health.

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NHD Interactive Health Programme

The NHD Interactive Health Programme has been developed by Nigel Griffith to enable people with no prerequisite training to be able to improve their own health and well-being. It allows anyone, regardless of their skills or current knowledge, to learn how to identify what is causing their health issue and what they need to do to resolve it. This FREE Interactive Health Programme shows you how to make those all important changes that will set you on the road to healing and vibrant health. Powerful, simple and easy, these techniques will change forever the way you deal with health challenges in the future.

You have immediate free access to this module!


NHD Migraine Solution

The NHD Migraine Solution Programme contains all the information and assistance you need in order to determine what is causing your migraines and the path that you need to take to stop them from happening in the first place. It helps you to identify the cause which in turn can lead to the solution.

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