Stubborn persistent cough

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A stubborn persistent cough is a tiring problem that can leave you exhausted, frustrated and simply worn out.  In some cases the problem is genetic in the sense that you may have a weakness towards having a chest problems rather than any other kind of problems.  But even this can be greatly helped when you understand… Read more »

NSP Healthy Starter Pack

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What is in it and how does it work? If you have read the post ‘A very effective way to increase your vitality’, you will have started to see the potential benefits of using the NSP Healthy Starter Pack. In this post, I will identify exactly what is in it and how it works. 1…. Read more »

Good and bad sugars

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First of all, it’s important to understand why some sugars are bad for you while other sugars are good. In other words, why are some sugars harmful to your body, while other sugars are good for you? Well, there are 3 types of sugar: – Refined sugars, – Unrefined sugars, – Natural sugars. REFINED SUGARS… Read more »

Reduce your level of anxiety

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Do you suffer from anxiety? Did you know that specific foods can have a huge effect on reducing or increasing anxiety? In combination with deeply relaxing vacation on Koh Samui, could bring many benefits for your physical and mental health. If you’re interested to match these things, here are some great pool villas to see…. Read more »